Comments Made by Men I Have Dated that Suggest They May Not Have Been Right for Me

I always liked you best, even though you weren’t the prettiest girl around, or the smartest, or the most educated.

Well, now that we’ve broken up, can I have your friend Lori’s phone number?

Any girl I go out with is going to have to make as much money as I do. It’s only fair she contribute financially to the relationship as much as I do. And you make more than I do, so that’s great.

You look a bit like my mother.

This is your so-called poetry? It doesn’t even rhyme!

At first I didn’t know if I could be with you because you’re not as thin as my last girlfriend. But it’s okay because I’m getting used to it now.

Most girls would be thrilled to go see the bull riding. But oh, no. Not you.

I usually prefer blondes, but your hair is nice, too.

You really need to get rid of all your books.

Is this your car? You’ve got a lot of papers in there. Don’t you ever clean it out? Oh, God, the mess! I have to go now.

I know this only our second date, but before we take the relationship any further, I really need to know if you’re a virgin.

Why don’t you ever bake for me like my mom does?

You’re handling our breakup really well. I thought you’d be a total basket case.

I don’t believe it. I forgot my wallet again. You don’t mind getting this, do you?

It’s nice that you like writing and art and stuff, but isn’t there anything useful you’re good at? Like cooking or sewing?


One Response to “Comments Made by Men I Have Dated that Suggest They May Not Have Been Right for Me”

  1. Hee hee.

    It’s important to listen to our inner guide.

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