There’s always something to complain about at the office: The ridiculous newsletters, the evil HR lady, the crazymakers, the fact that water runs down the inside of my window when it rains and nobody cares. Then there was the latest Finance division town hall meeting, where I learned that “growth is still our number one priority.” Really, Big Corporate Finance Guy? Really? How about “hanging on for dear life” as a priority? Have you read the news lately?

All in all, though, it’s not a bad job. It just takes a little perspective to see that. Big Red contracts out certain work to a company in India. I have a number of contacts there that I deal with, and they’re just like overseas coworkers. They do the same jobs that some on this side of the pond used to do. You know, boring office jobs. And I have to say, they do their jobs quite well. There’s one coworker named Amit. Coincidentally, there are several other Amits in this same office. It’s very confusing. I can never remember which Amit I need to talk to. But the Amit in question sent an email to my other – local – coworker this afternoon around one. India is eleven and a half hours ahead of us. The time stamp on Amit’s email? Two thirty A.M.

Amit works a graveyard shift. He works in a corporate office, and he has to work the graveyard shift, just so he can be there in real time to serve his North American customers, should any of them have a question for him. How much does that blow? My boss said, “We should never complain about our jobs.”

Well, now. Let’s not get carried away.


~ by standupmimi on February 6, 2009.

One Response to “Amit”

  1. many years ago I knew a woman that had a PhD in social stuff. Real nice woman with a seriously developed interest in how technology affects “workers”. She wrote her dissertation on “Electronic sweat shops”and this was ten years or more ago.

    She thought technology, particularly telecommuting technology was causing white collar workers to spend far too much time at the job. This idea of ’round the clock offices is just amazing, though. Having to have shifts to accommodate the timezones is just weird.

    It seems to be putting a lot of pressure on places like India when for a few dollars more, people in the same zone could be doing it and having a life that’s much more normal. That idea is easy to say, however, but the reality of it is, could a company like yours survive at all without the Amits of the world? If the answer to that is no, then your job is gone, too. and that would suck.

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