The Gilded Cage

It was Goals Day today. Every quarter or so, we have to update our Goals and Objectives in the online performance development system. Today’s task was to create 2009 goals. It’s really a big waste of time for us, but the company demands a tool to measure its employees (and deny them promotions, presumably), so we’re stuck. But today’s exercise was a bit of a relief. My boss just said straight out that we were going to forget putting side projects in as goals because they aren’t the focus of our work. So this year my goals are simply to do my job. Woohoo! Finally!

She was also interested in hearing about some of the “40 Hours of Training” (one of my 2008 goals) I did recently. Well, I heard the audio CD of a couple of Marcus Buckingham’s books dealing with strengths and weaknesses. In a nutshell: Focus on strengths, not weaknesses. She totally agreed with this, and went on to say nice things about my strengths and how she’s glad I’m so easy to get along with and professional and not like some of the crazymakers in the office who upset people everywhere they go. She said I was well brought up. Then she said I had nice white teeth.

This is why I have trouble leaving this place.


~ by standupmimi on December 4, 2008.

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