What Did She Do Anyway?

Our HR “generalist” has left the building. It was either a buyout, or a layoff accompanied by severence, but she disappeared quickly and happily. Those of us left behind either breathed a sigh of quiet relief, or openly rejoiced. She was not popular. She treated the company coffers as if it was her own personal bank account and begrudged employees every single penny they got. Among her greatest accomplishments were the two vacation days she finagled away from us, having “replaced” them with two stat holidays. Actually, the addition of the two stats was simply in keeping with the rest of Big Red Canada, and she was playing catch up. But I suspect she got a bonus for figuring out how to give us the stats without adding costs to our business unit. The legality of this move is questionable to me.

She also told a very sick man that he had to book his time off to vacation, not sick leave. He was taking time off for chemotherapy (and has since passed away). She used to call me up, snarling that some employee or other had asked to be actually given the pay raise they were promised. She got upset when someone was (rightly) paid for working overtime. She was a strange bird. Strange and evil.

But now that she’s gone, it appears that we do need someone looking after HR things. An employee recently left Big Red. He had been working there all of about two weeks before he decided to walk out. It seems he felt that being at work 6 am daily to speak to the Europeans, and then staying until 6 pm to speak to the Asians was not affording him a personal life. So he walked. And he was still being paid weeks later. Nobody is doing the HR paperwork any more. I wonder what would happen if I quit and didn’t bother to tell anyone…


~ by standupmimi on November 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “What Did She Do Anyway?”

  1. Damn, I should have just taken my lumps then quietly closed the door and gone home. Live and learn.

  2. Leave quietly? Are you kidding? Yours was the best exit I’ve ever seen. I can still hear the HR Lady: “He’s just gone for coffee, right? He’s coming back, right? Right??!?”


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