This is an anonymous blog. While there are very good reasons to sign one’s name to one’s opinions, I have three reasons not to, in such a setting as this. One, there are a lot of weirdos out there. This is not the biggest reason, but it’s a concern. Two, I’m likely going to be spending a fair bit of time mocking the company I work for, and I would prefer it if they didn’t sue me.

The main reason (or excuse, if you prefer) is that one’s friends and family can be rather judgmental about one’s writing. People usually don’t feel the need to critique the work of electricians or supermarket deli managers, but artists are fair game. Maybe it’s because people have strong likes and dislikes when it comes to art, music, and literature, and because these things are so visible. A good friend is about to see her first story published, and she confesses she is a little unnerved that it’s now “out there”. She can no longer control who gets to see it and who doesn’t.

Why so protective? Writing exposes a person. At least, it does if it is honest, and no good piece of writing is dishonest. Friends and family have certain expectations about you, and about what you should be writing. Those who read nothing but Readers’ Digest will read a dark little piece you have written and think you need professional help. Others will beg and beg to see your poem, and then complain that your poem doesn’t rhyme, and only artsy-fartsy types write poems like that, and you don’t want to be an artsy-fartsy type, do you?

I took an excellent drawing class a few years ago, and was considering joining the instructor’s weekly live model sessions (as an artist, not a model). I mentioned this to a friend, and her response was, “Well, I hope you’re not going to be drawing any nudy pictures.” Ah, the great masterpieces of the ages, reduced to “nudy pictures”. But then, the masters had their critics tut-tutting them, too (and worse).

I’d like, for now, to eliminate all that unhelpful commentary, and so…anonymity.


~ by standupmimi on October 30, 2008.

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